Why Heart Matters.

I often refer to Accelerate as ‘a gym with heart’. On Martin Luther King Jr. day it seems appropriate to reinforce our goal and make it public. Each month, we will provide an opportunity for members to give back to the community. This is such a natural extension of what we do because what truly sets us apart from other studios in the heart of our members.

We are working on a section of the Web site to highlight upcoming opportunities to volunteer in the Seattle community with other members. In addition, we will post upcoming classes where the proceeds go toward charities that our members suggest.

In every group class, I’m constantly blown away by the enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst members. New people are greeted instantly and encouraged and cheered on during the toughest challenges. And the more people show up, the more the community becomes a motivator to show up again and again.  There is extensive research about how giving back makes people happier and more productive, the same benefits that are also attributed to regular exercise.  It’s an obvious and winning combination.

The workout industry is fickle. Fads and trends are constantly changing. That’s why at Accelerate we focus on tried and true methods that have worked for decades. In addition to timeless workouts, we focus on building a true esprit de corps, which means “the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed.” When members authentically want one another to crush their personal goals, it creates an environment that keeps people coming back for more.

If you haven’t tried Accelerate, why not join for our first “official” event to support Brynn, one of our 5 am members battling breast cancer? Every dollar goes to her family to help with medical costs.

If you’d like to sign up, go to the calendar and look for: “Burpees for Brynn”.