May is For Lifting Heavy Sh*t

At Accelerate Seattle, we approach strength training a little differently than other studios. All of our programming is backed by science and research, with performance and results at the top of the priority list.

In May, the Strength Performance Training (SPT) classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays will focus on heavy weight training so we can come back to traditional SPT stronger in future months. This increase is not for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. In fact, during these heavy-focus classes there is less total volume. Less volume means the muscle tends to maintain — not gain.

So why focus on going heavier in May? When you work with heavier weights, your nervous system has a chance to get in a lot of extra work. All that extra nervous system action results in future strength gains.

Bro science (not real) will tell you that gaining muscle directly means you gain strength. While to some degree that is true (bro science is always sorta true, just sorta), gaining muscle mass is one of three possible ways to get stronger. If you train to increase muscle mass, you have the potential to gain strength, but here’s the science part. For those new baby muscles to fire according to their new capability, the nervous system must be trained as well. And that’s the goal of SPT classes in May. Get as strong as you can so the weights you used to use now feel lighter and easier.

This means May classes will include big compound lifts, lower rep ranges, increasing weight through sets, and longer rest intervals. It will also contain sets that come closer to our form failure and mechanical failure. As always, we will be there to coach you in form and technique, which is even more important when the weight increases.

Expect to be asked if you can go heavier, and if you can, do it.

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