It’s a Fact. Most New Years Resolutions Fail by March.

The top 4 New Years resolutions for 2017 according to Statistic Brain include; losing weight (21.4%), self-improvement (12.3%), better financial decision making (8.5%) and to quit smoking (7.1%).

By March, most resolutions fail. The packed gyms known to those of us in the industry as the “resolutionary rush” booms from January to late February and then it fades.

If you’ve made a resolution this year, how can you be one of the few that succeed?  While there is no one size fits all method to sticking to your goals, we can give you a few tips that tend to work for most of our members.

1. Cut the People Fat.

Okay, I know. It sounds harsh. But it’s so true. Ask yourself – who in my life is supporting me as I reach for this goal? Who is sucking my energy or tempting me with old habits? Often, people in our life are caught off guard when we want to make big changes around exercise or diet. Surround yourself with people who support your goals.

2. Get specific.

Do you often skip breakfast and attack the donut tray at work? Commit to a healthy breakfast that focuses on protein at least 3 days a week. Once you notice how much better you feel, it will motivate you to increase the consistency. Make little changes in your habits like drinking water every hour, packing a snack for the mid-afternoon or signing up for a weekend boot camp (we know of a good one!).

3. Write it down.

This one is cited so much, it’s almost a cliché. But it works. The same study shows that 66% of those who wrote down their resolutions actually stuck with them for more than 6 months. That’s more than double the length of a typical non-scribed resolution.

4. Resolve to go slowly.

Go on the Whole 30 with colleagues or reduce your sugar intake on weekdays? Slow and steady change isn’t quite as sexy, but the incremental choices are where long-lasting change is made.

If you’ve already failed, start again!

January 1 may be the start of a New Year, but every day is a chance to start again. And if you want to take our advice and write it down, leave your resolution in the comments.