FAQ - Accelerate Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are we?

Accelerate Seattle is the only extreme, team-based athletic training studio in Seattle. We have three class formats that, when combined, provide the perfect balance of strength and conditioning for unmatched results.


How do I sign up?

The best way to register for class is to download the MindBody app and search for Accelerate Seattle. This will give you the most up-to-date class times and descriptions.


Can I come to any class?

We strongly recommend new athletes start with Accelerate Classic before moving on to Strength Performance Training or Maximal Output Training.


Your workouts look intense. Can beginners attend?

We’re glad you noticed! We highly recommend beginners start with the Accelerate Classic format and expand from there.


Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, once you’ve signed up, if you need to cancel you must do so 8 hours in advance to avoid a late cancelation fee. Our classes are quite popular and with a maximum participant cap, this policy ensures everyone is able to participate.


How are the classes different?

On our website, you will see the descriptions for each of the three formats:

  • Accelerate Classic (ACT)
  • Strength Performance Training (SPT)
  • Maximal Output Training (MOT)


Will lifting weights make me bulk up?

If you are female and worried about getting bulky, this gym is absolutely for you. Science tells us that one of the most powerful attributors to fat and weight loss is consistent and heavy strength work.


What about nutrition?

We believe nutrition is a necessary component to every fitness regimen, which is why we offer nutrition services as well as group fitness and training. Every Accelerate athlete gets access to our member portal with basic nutrition guidance and coaching. Additional levels of 1:1 coaching are available for an added fee. Whether you are looking for weight loss advice or macronutrient guidance, we are here to help.


Where do I park?

We are located on 1st Ave. N right across the street from Key Arena. There is street parking as well as a variety of paid lots within walking distance.


Can I attend Accelerate classes if I’m pregnant?

Yes, just make sure to let your coach know you are pregnant so we can modify some of the exercises to ensure your safety. We support and encourage our soon-to-be moms to keep up an active lifestyle throughout pregnancy.