Equal Pay is No April Fools Joke.

Hey ladies. April at Accelerate is all about about our female athletes. Women make (on average) 92% of men doing similar work. This month, to support the goal of equal pay, all female Accelerate athletes on the 8x/month or unlimited plans will receive an 8% discount on April dues. Our female coaches will get an 8% bump in pay for classes coached all month long.

What justifies the difference?  Apparently it’s all about choices. These choices make our females easier and less costly to service:

  • Women use less water, lighter weights, fewer paper towels, and fewer dumbbells.
  • They’re less rough to the equipment (have you ever seen Jay on the ski erg?)
  • We use the toilet scrub brush far less after the ladies visit the rest room. It’s not even close.
  • They also give us 90% more social media love. The sweaty post workout selfie? Mostly our ladies (thanks for that, by the way).

What else? Throughout the month, we will provide content on IG about ways you can support your female counterparts at the gym — and in the workplace — by becoming an ally in the mission for equal pay. 

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