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Clients who LOVE Accelerate


“Brandon is one of the best trainers I have ever met. As a health care provider, I have the opportunity to work with multiple trainers - Brandon is right at the top with his knowledge and attention to detail. Brandon takes the time to ensure exercises are being performed correctly. Brandon will make sure you achieve your goals quickly and safely.”

Brandon Shiflett, Doctor of Chiropractic and Sports Science


"Brandon is phenomenal. He really takes the time to learn your needs and cater the perfect workout to meet your goals. If you're thinking about doing any group or personal training, reach out. You'll be happy with your results, no doubt!"

David Hogan, Real Estate Agent


"Brandon is a very welcoming, detail oriented, happy and bad ass coach. Even if you don't know where to start, he can set up a personal training session personally for you. Or if you want a challenge, go to one of his boot camps! Trust me, your clothes will fit better after a few weeks."

Nina McQuistan, Hair Stylist & Owner


"I use Accelerate for both personal training and boot camp. The PT is customized to your exact skill level while always pushing you to the next tier. His boot camps are absolutely killer but he's always there to watch your form as well as motivate you. After 6 weeks, my body has gotten so much stronger and faster. Thanks B!

Tara Hana Prucha, Designer


"I am a huge workout fanatic and love getting a good sweat on. Brandon has been different from any other trainer and the most professional. He takes the time know each of his clients while he pushes you. He doesn't allow you to cut corners and he keeps you on your toes. I try to surround myself around people who positively affect your life and Brandon is one of those people."

Molly Kane, Vice President, Harvey Nash