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Accelerate Seattle is an intelligent program of strength and conditioning programming designed to deliver results. It’s both real strength and intense conditioning and is affectionately known as the toughest workout in Seattle. We consistently deliver results that outpace other fitness programs, in both body composition (fat loss, physique goals) and performance (PRs in running/strength and endurance).


Accelerate Classic // Strength and Conditioning

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 20 people

Our most popular format combines strength and conditioning in a station-based format. The working interval can be longer or shorter and typically ranges from 2 minutes to 6 minutes with 1 minute or more to recover. Each section intelligently incorporates strength and conditioning using dumbbells, barbells, battle ropes, conditioning machines (ski erg, rower, bike, running), pull up bars, body weight and more. Most classes give you a full body strength workout, while programmed in a way that gets your heart rate up for the entire time.

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Strength Performance Training (SPT) - upper body

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 20 people

Accelerate’s SPT upper body focuses on strengthening the upper body. Athletes can count on a variety of weight-bearing exercises during the 60-minute class including pull-ups, rows and presses to work the arms, back and shoulders.

Strength Performance Training (SPT) - lower body

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 20 people

The SPT class is composed of squats, deadlifts, lunges, horizontal/vertical pulls, horizontal/vertical presses and all the accessory work that comes along with a thoughtful strength program.

Accelerate’s SPT lower body focuses on the lower half of the posterior chain, with an emphasis on the glutes. This 60-minute training session includes a dynamic warm up, quick demo of the exercises and 35 minutes of intense strength training. Expect deadlifts, squats, lunges, hip thrusts, heavy sled pushes, sled sprints and various isolation exercises that we use resistance bands. Simply put, you’ll be walking like a baby giraffe after this booty day.


Maximal Output Training (MOT)

Advanced - maximum 30 people

Not for the faint of heart, this advanced conditioning class will have you on your ass. A typical class teams you up with others (groups of 3-5 people) with one goal in mind. Together, you are trying to hit a certain distance, number of calories, time or a combination. The work consists of each team member taking turns doing sprint work (20-30 seconds on average) on a variety of machines/ exercises for a total duration of 35-45 minutes. We use different equipment every time including the EchoBike, Ski Erg, Rower, Running, body weight (think burpees), weights and various Kettlebell carry’s/holds.

Expect your heart rate to be through the roof and your teammates to cheer you on and keep you accountable for the entire class. 

For best results, especially when seeking increased athletic performance or weight loss are achieved when combining all three formats on a weekly basis.

We offer individual and group pricing for all our class formats

Monthly Memeberships (recurring auto renew)

Yearly Cost $2,400 $2,280 $2,100
Monthly Cost $200 $190 $175
Price Per Class (Assuming 5x a week) $10.00 $9.50 $8.75

1:1 Personal training

$125: 1 session

$600: 5 sessions

$1100: 10 sessions

$2000: 20 sessions

Class Packs (non recurring)

Drop in: $30 plus tax

10 class pack: $250 plus tax

20 class pack: $480 plus tax

Extreme, team-based athletic training

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