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Accelerate Seattle is the only extreme, team-based athletic training studio in Seattle. We have three class formats that, when combined, provide the perfect balance of strength and conditioning for unmatched results.


Accelerate Classic (ACT)

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 20 people

The Classic is a mix of strength and conditioning in a station-formatted class, giving athletes the option to go heavier with fewer sets or pick a moderate weight and move quicker to get more of a conditioning-based workout. Look for Accelerate Classic on the schedule to select this format.

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Strength Performance Training (SPT)

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 20 people

Strength Performance Training (SPT) classes are designed to build a strong base of strength, develop power and muscular endurance. These classes are composed of various squats, deadlifts, lunges, horizontal/vertical pulls, horizontal/vertical presses and all the accessory work that comes with a thoughtful strength program. Look for SPT on the schedule to select this format.


Maximal Output Training (MOT)

Advanced - maximum 30 people

At Accelerate, we take a team approach to our most taxing class, the MOT. Our philosophy holds that people work harder when they work together.

Maximal Output Training (MOT) is our advanced conditioning class, designed to push you to your absolute limit. These are programmed as a team-based workout and not recommended for beginners. This class is our most popular format so spots fill up quickly.  Look for MOT on the schedule to select this format.

For best results, especially when seeking increased athletic performance or weight loss are achieved when combining all three formats on a weekly basis.

We offer individual and group pricing for all our class formats

1:1 Personal training

$100 per session

If you sign up for 2x/week or more,

receive a 10% discount

Group memberships

8 classes per month: $140+ tax

Unlimited classes per month: $200+ tax

Drop in rate: $25+ tax

Extreme, team-based athletic training

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