After the Tests.

Brandon focuses on 15 seconds faster than his 2000m time.

If you participated in testing and also attended classes today, you may have noticed something. Instead of using platitudes like, “push harder!” during those 250m sprints, your coaches had more to go on. For example, in today’s 5am, Brandon coached athletes with specific split time goals, all based on last week’s testing.

We get it. Testing can be really intense and somewhat repetitive. But, it’s after the tests that things get real. Now, every athlete knows what to work toward. And if you are giving a half ass effort, everyone knows it, including your coach.

The same will happen in strength classes. Goals will depend on those 1 RM tests. Sets (depending on reps) will vary between 60% of the 1RM and other percentages, but coaches will have a very specific way to coach you. And that’s where improvement happens.

That’s Accelerate Seattle. We will continue to push you to improve. Every class, every day.

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