Accelerate Seattle – Not Your Average Seattle Gym

Today at Accelerate, two of my long-time clients, Danielle and Maria, hit their 1 rep max for dead lifts at 185 pounds each. And trust me when I say these two ladies are two of the strongest women I know on the rower and the treadmill. At Accelerate, we focus on a very balanced combination of strength training and conditioning because that’s where the real athletic and physique improvements happen. The claims about the calorie burn from lifting varies in research, but one thing is very clear, it’s the intensity of your lift that matters. If you’re toddling along at 20%, you’re not going to gain muscle or burn extra calories.

At Accelerate, we make sure to push you to the intensity necessary to make changes. Lifting combined with targeted conditioning gets the strength and muscle growth plus the calorie burn that lifts your metabolism for the next 24 hours.

Take today for example. After spending 20 minutes climbing to their 1 rep max, clients did a circuit of 5 rounds that included KB swings, wall balls, lunges and sit-ups. The combination of strength and conditioning over the course of 60 minutes allowed clients to hit major muscle groups, accelerate heart rates and improve form and technique.