Meet The Team


Meet Brandon

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Coach, NASM Certified

Brandon Hughes does not have your typical personal training background. As an early adolescent, he struggled with his weight and at age 15 lost over 100 pounds.

Brandon's fitness journey began as a personal trainer prior to becoming an expert in group fitness programming. His workouts are the cornerstone of the Accelerate philosophy, incorporating the team-based style that our athletes love. Brandon's energy, programming and attention to detail have created a cult-like following in the Pacific Northwest.

Brandon started Accelerate in February 2016 and the brand and community have grown ever since.

When asked why they prefer Accelerate, Brandon’s clients cite his challenging workouts, motivating personality, and commitment to constant improvement.


Meet Maria


Maria is one of the co-owners at Accelerate and is involved in the business administration, marketing and promotional side of things. But that doesn't mean she doesn't know a thing or two about fitness.

She taught at the Bar Method for years and is a fitness enthusiast. She brings a wealth of business expertise from her experiences in tech start-ups (she co-founded Smartsheet and is currently the CEO of Syndio) to the gym and you'll often see her here working out with the team.

Meet Alex

Co-owner, group fitness coach, NASM certified

Alex has always been an athlete. He developed respect for training during college, staying competitive in sports. Because of his elite level, he was forced into a very precise format for strength training, which he came to love.

Alex is known for his expertise in strength training and nutrition and has the certifications to back it up. He loves to help all levels conquer weight loss, strength training, muscle gain and breaking through plateaus. Alex is as direct as they come and he will never dish out a recommendation that is not 100% backed up by science and data.

He's also Accelerate's resource for the more advanced athletes seeking a higher level of fat loss and body composition goals through specific training programs paired with nutrition.



Meet Devon

Group fitness coach, NASM certified


Devon grew up on the East coast and went to school for dance and exercise science. After a dance injury led to multiple hip surgeries, Devon began strength training as a rehabilitation strategy.

She received her masters in nutrition and started coaching group fitness and yoga. Devon is well known in the Seattle fitness community as an expert in strength training, with a focus on technique and form.

Devon has many certifications in addition to her schooling and is our only instructor with Strong First Kettlebell training.

Meet Andrea

Group fitness coach, NASM certified


Born and raised in the Midwest, Andrea grew up competing in sports, including soccer, competitive figure skating and cheerleading.

In 2014, she took her fitness to the next level when she began weight training and made it to nationals in fitness bodybuilding during her very first year of competition.

Andrea is a seasoned group fitness instructor and loves pushing athletes to the next level. She is a strong advocate and coach for athletes who are vegan as she follows a strict plant-based diet.

Andrea holds many certifications including NASM, TRX, Schwinn, ACE and AFFA.