Get To Know Brandon - Accelerate Seattle

Get To Know Brandon

Why are You Doing This?

I started Accelerate because I am deeply passionate about helping people achieve things they do not believe are possible. We call our members athletes, because no matter what shape you are in when you join, we create an environment that pushes people, both mentally and physically. An athlete is a mentality; a state-of-mind. It means you will do things that others will not do to achieve your goals.

I know what it means to feel out of shape and hopeless. In elementary school, I weighed about 220 pounds at 5’5”. What matters to me is the moment I decided to change. The mindset of change is incredibly powerful and I knew if I could do it, I could also help others as well.

What Do You Say to People Who Are Initimidated by Accelerate?

I get it! We push our athletes, both physically and mentally, but they all started out at different levels. We have older athletes, pre and post-natal clients as well as collegiate athletes.

What we care about at Accelerate is that you show up ready to leave it all out there, even when you want to quit. When other people quit, Accelerate athletes push harder. That's what makes our gym unique.

What Inspires You the Most?

Watching our athletes break through plateaus they thought impossible. There's no better feeling for a coach.

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