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*First timers only - 3 classes are valid for 2 weeks after purchase*

We have over 4,000 sq. ft. of space, and open air. 

Perfect for optimal spacing, focusing on your safety and peace-of-mind.

Accelerate Classic (ACT)

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 12 people

The Classic is a mix of strength and conditioning in a station-formatted class, giving athletes the option to go heavier with fewer sets or pick a moderate weight and move quicker to get more of a conditioning-based workout. Look for Accelerate Classic on the schedule to select this format. 

Strength Performance Training (SPT)

Intermediate to Advanced - maximum 12 people

Strength Performance Training (SPT) classes are designed to build a strong base of strength, develop power and strength endurance. These classes are composed of various squats, deadlifts, lunges, horizontal/vertical pulls, horizontal/vertical presses and all the accessory work that comes with a thoughtful strength program. Look for SPT on the schedule to select this format. 

Maximal Output Training (MOT)

Advanced - maximum 12 people

Maximal Output Training (MOT) is our advanced conditioning class, designed to push you to your absolute limit. These are programmed as a team-based workout and not recommended for beginners. This class is our most popular format so spots fill up quickly.  Look for MOT on the schedule to select this format. 

For best results, combine all three formats on a weekly basis.

Clients who LOVE Accelerate

The workouts at Accelerate are brutal — in the best way. It’s the kind of workout where you leave feeling like an athlete. On top of that, Brandon has fostered a community of people who make waking up at 5am worth it. Couldn’t imagine working out anywhere else.

Courtney Lightfoot

Accelerate is the place to go if you are looking for the ultimate workout! Brandon and Alex create challenging strength and cardio workouts that leave you breathless and wanting more. Over the past few months, I have gotten stronger, seen my endurance improve and have accomplished goals I never knew I wanted until I started working out at Accelerate. I love walking in the door to see what challenge lies ahead!

Andrea Vlahos

Accelerate is the perfect mix of strength training and cardio. Brandon and Alex are great coaches who spend the time carefully designing each workout to produce the longer term results we are all looking for. The community Brandon has created is unlike any other gym I’ve belonged to and it’s one of the main reasons I’ll continue to be a member. I highly recommend Accelerate and would encourage anyone of any skill to check it out.

Brett Gordon

I followed Brandon from his prior gym to Accelerate and try my best to see him four days a week. I am addicted to the workouts and have seen incredible results. I had a baby 10 months ago and am more fit than ever because of his dynamic strength and conditioning workouts. He inspires us to always push harder and achieve higher goals, while creating a welcoming, non-competitive community. I look forward to every single workout and always leave wanting more.

Emily Warner

I don’t think a review is going to do any justice for how much my partner and I love this place. It’s the best gym in Seattle and most likely the entire world:) Brandon has not only created a gym that will challenge your fitness (regardless of level - Brandon and team are fantastic at modifying any workout to meet you where you’re at or work around injuries, pregnancies etc) and push you to workout harder and smarter than you ever would alone, but the gym has become a really incredible community of people. Love every workout and every person at this gym and can’t imagine life without it. If you’re looking for a gym but scared of meatheads, fear not. Come and let Brandon and Alex whoop you into shape and you and me can whine about how hard the workout is from the back. Best gym, great people and Brandon has decent taste in music which always helps make the workouts a little more fun.

Zachary Buck

I’ve been working out with Brandon for almost 3 years no. He’s an amazing trainer who is extremely dedicated to his clients and their success! At Accelerate, he’s created a family like culture with just the right amount of competition throughout. It’s no wonder that people try out his classes and quickly become regulars. I have honestly never been in better shape of enjoyed getting up early to get to class. You will not be disappointed.

Julie Spence

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