At Accelerate, we transform members into athletes. Our athletes are the core of the Accelerate experience, as every workout brings team camaraderie to the forefront. 

Our program is designed to train you, both mentally and physically. Our workouts take a team-based approach that demands accountability and delivers results.

Accelerate is Seattle's first and only extreme team-based athletic training studio.

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Get There Faster, Together.

Our Class Formats


Accelerate Class Formats

Three class formats that get results

  • Accelerate Classic Training (ACT)
    • *Recommended for first-timers*
    • The Classic is a mix of strength and conditioning in a station-formatted class.
  • Strength Performance Training (SPT)
    • SPT classes are designed to build a strong base of strength, develop power and strength endurance.
  • Maximal Output Training (MOT) 
    • *Our toughest class - not for beginners.*       
    • At Accelerate, we take a team approach to our most taxing class, the MOT. Our philosophy holds that people work harder when they work together.

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